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About Us

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists are able to give expert advice in making the best choice and implementing the best possible solutions.

Our logistics centre is capable of satisfying even the most particular requirements our clients.

We offer products from 3m, which has advanced technologically facilities. 3M is one of world’s biggest companies, which offers a variety of products and technological solutions. A wide range of products are manufactured on the basis of 100 major technologies owned by 3M in many industries, healthcare and consumer goods. 3M spends approximately 1 billion USD (6-7% of its annual turnover) on research and development.

We offer 3M products in the following departments:

  • Telecommunications – includes copper and fibre-optic connector systems for telecommunication, measuring devices and structured wiring systems.
  • Electro-energetic systems – includes electro-insulating tapes and resins, materials and kits for low and high-voltage muffs and cable transducers and measuring devices.
  • Industry – includes industrial adhesives and tapes, products for automotive industry and automotive paint shops, abrasive materials and PPE.
  • Library log systems – includes library collection and electromagnetic anti-theft protection systems as well as RFID technology, which also offers management support by using volume identification functions.

Our Main Goal:

PSP Sp. z o.o. was created to provide the newest technical solutions. Our main goal is to provide our clients with the best service possible.

Products for industries
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Products for agriculture
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